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Newsletter Issue 37

Spring 2018    10p per issue

Staff Update

Kj will begin her maternity leave at the end of June; we wish her all the best.

Sameera and Lily have now started their further education and are both working towards qualifications in child care.

The staff are currently taking part in a selection of courses including ‘Equality and Diversity’, ‘Understanding behaviour’ with Tasha taking a course in ‘Understanding Autism’ and Sherri gaining a supportive role in qualifying Level 2 ‘Understanding safeguarding’


This is ongoing. There will continue to be rotational painting schedule for the rooms on an annual basis.

Over Easter the baby changing room and outside porch were renovated and redecorated. Ruth is currently looking at continuing the outside painting and redecorating the Staff room and Office.


Holiday dates                                                                   

Nursery will be closed Bank holiday

Monday 7th May

 Monday 28th May



As part of our Safeguarding we have been reviewing our ‘Safeguarding children/whistle blowing’ and ‘Right to work’ policies.

Copies are available for parents on request.


Age UK visit

We are continuing our regular visits to Age UK and have to date made ‘playdough Moon monsters’ and decorated ‘Easter baskets’ with the residents. The visits have become a looked forward to event with the children waving and smiling when we attend and excitedly telling the residents what they have been up to.

We have recently had an article published in the monthly ‘Under 5’ magazine under the section ‘What’s been happening in your setting?’ about our visits. If you would like to see a copy of the article please see Ruth.


Photographer visit 

This year ‘Jane Stapleton’ photographers will return to photograph the nursery at the end of June. Proofs will be available and will require returning by the parents within a few days to ensure photographs are processed by the time our school leavers leave.

See notice board for more information.


Fundraising update

Thank you to everyone who supports the nursery through our fundraising events at Christmas and Easter.

Ruth has put some of the money to good use and purchased some new equipment for the garden including a ‘mud kitchen’, ‘Fairy tale castle’ and ‘Duplo activity boards’ as well as replacing some of the tired and worn-out room essentials.

The nursery is hoping to include in their purchases a raised vegetable planter.


                Topical item

-Growing fun-

There is nothing quite like the delight of growing your own vegetables. Generally growing vegetables is easy (compared to other plants), depending on the type chosen. Nor do you need masses of space to grow vegetables or a specified vegetable plot, since there are more and more possibilities for growing vegetables in containers, such as potato planters, plant pots, hanging baskets or window boxes.

Vegetables are actually some of the easiest plants to grow, especially from seed. To encourage your child's enthusiasm, let them choose from the easy vegetables to grow list (attached) and you will both be delighted with the results.

Growing vegetables with your children is likely to encourage them to eat more vegetables too - especially for the fussy eaters! Let them choose the vegetable seeds, plant and tend them together, and finally harvest the fresh vegetables. A lot of home-grown vegetables taste a LOT better when they are fresh and not mass produced or forced commercially.

Children actually learn where vegetables come from, how they grow and what they look like. Not only that, but they learn how to prepare vegetables for eating from scratch. Given that more and more children seem to have difficulty recognising basic vegetables, let alone know what to do with them, growing vegetables yourself is providing them with a valuable life skill and education - while they have fun and plenty of fresh air!


Activity fun and games

Try something simple first: grow broad beans in a ‘jam jar’, carefully slip a bean between the jam jar and a piece of kitchen paper water carefully and wait. Children will be able to see the roots and leaves clearly grow. In about 10 days you will have your own bean plant. Help your child to plant it in the garden and grow beans!

Grow cress heads: wash out an empty hard-boiled egg shell (enjoy the egg first!)

gently fill with cotton wool. Water well and sprinkle with cress seeds. Leave in a

warm, light place and sprinkle with drops of water every day - the cress should start

 to sprout in two days. As the cress starts to grow draw a ‘smiley face’ with felt pens.

When the cress is about 5cms tall snip with scissors and enjoy in a sandwich.

Try tasting the difference between tinned peas and fresh peas from the pod is like eating a completely different vegetable.

For more ideas and information visit:

Resources –

We always welcome paper for drawing etc such as listing paper/computer paper. If any parents have waste paper for the children to use for drawing etc. it would be very welcome.


Parents can send contributions to our magazine by e mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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